Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Haunani Sets Sail!!

Summer is so quickly going by, I don't want it to be over! The weather has been so gorgeous, waves have come and gone then come again, dolphins are playing in the bay, and good times with friends are plenty!! I'm off to California in a day and will enjoy seeing old friends, sleeping in a teepee, and working at the U.S. Open!

Today, I got the chance to meet with our very talented team rider (and all around water-woman), Haunani Kane. She plans to sport her Polarized Crush Couture sunnies during her canoe voyage to a smaller Hawaiian island called Moloka'i. She showed me around her canoe -- where the navigator sits to use the stars to navigate through the open ocean, their propane stove, and their cots that are tucked away for sleepy time. It was awesome to see it all behind-the-scenes and we wish her a safe voyage!

P.S. I have to testify, the new iPhone takes amazing photos!! =)

Aloha, Brooklyn